From Inspiration to Creation

Our Sweet Story

Our story is a journey of culinary artistry

It began in a charming Parisian restaurant where Mediterranean flavors and live entertainment wove unforgettable experiences. Our journey took a sweet turn when we encountered the coveted Nougat de Montélimar, the inspiration behind the beloved Délice delicacy.

The sweetest chapter of our journey unfolded when we brought the exquisite confection to the United States. We embarked on an epicurean journey, orchestrating spectacular events with personalized menus and entertainment. It was here that Délice's popularity soared to new heights, along with Veloura, leaving a trail of delighted hearts and satisfied palates.

Inspired by our loyal customers, and the changing landscape due to the pandemic, we refocused our attention on our most sought-after delicacies, Délice & Veloura. And in 2023, to our delight, Délice Confiserie was born.

Today, we proudly present them to you, a testament to our unwavering passion and commitment to delivering the finest delicacies. Explore our delectable creations and join us in savoring life's sweetest moments together.


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